In the Land of Misfits, Pirates and Cooks - A Cookbook by Michael Bennett

Cooks", a first-hand "flavor of dwelling" within the Caribbean.

Bennett has coined the time period "Caribb-ican" a go between Caribbean and American forms of food education. To excite one's palate and to experiment with new techniques of cooking and revolutionary components makes the old new once more. Chef Bennett takes the reader on playful culinary trips for the duration of the many islands of the Caribbean displaying you that with a little ingenuity you can bedazzle your flavor buds by way of being tropically stimulated with what Mother Nature has already given us.

The recipes are clean to examine, easy to follow and smooth to put together. This e book turned into designed with simplicity in mind to appeal to the most amateur of domestic cooks yet intrigue the experienced prepare dinner on the identical time. The substances are comfortably to be had at your local grocery store making this thrilling style of cooking available at a moment's notice with out an awful lot plan other than having the element listing with you as you save. On maximum pages there are sidebars that spotlight cooking hints, education hints and "interior statistics" because it pertains to wholesome eating and versions on the preparation of the dish.In the Land of Pirates, Misfits and Cooks is available for purchase at foodbrats.Com or at Bimini Boatyard in Fort Lauderdale.

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